AP Filters

Made in USA

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Aqua Purification Filters Twin USA made

Automatic Softeners and Filters


Quality water from fully automatic filtration and softening systems designed for residential and commercial applications. With state of the art control valves, these systems offer superior sediment loading and excellent softening capacity, resulting in longer service runs and less frequent backwash and regeneration.







AP Filters Single System USA

Clack control valves utilize a solid-state microprocessor for single or twin (duplex) tanks to regulate all cycles of filtration, media backwash, rinsing, and regeneration. The valves allow options for backwash and regeneration frequency, and they indicate volume remaining, current flow rate, volume used (totalizer), and tank in service (in case of twin/duplex systems).

Control Features:

  • Service flow and backwash up to 6M3/hr (for 1” valves)
  • Front panel display
  • 24 hr lithium battery backup with 8 hr carry over
  • Backwash and brining capability
  • Downflow regeneration
  • 12V output AC adapter for safe installation




Filter and Softener Media

The pre-installed Filter Ag-Plus® is a special sediment removal media that comes with filter bed support. Its granules are known for their micro-porous, rough and irregular shapes that create a surface area over 100 times greater than filter sand. This granular structure results in a greater reduction of dirt, silt and suspended organic matter. Due to its special media structure, light weight and deep bed penetration, the solids are typically reduced down to the 5-10 micron range depending on water conditions without any rapid build-up of back pressure.


The pre-installed softener resin is a gel cation exchange resin, with exchange capacity of 32,000 grains per cubic foot, based on high salt regeneration